a Full Service Multicultural Advertising Agency


Insightful, Strategic, Gracious, Tenacious, Decisive, Competitive, and Passionate.

Mosaic Multicultural is a full-service multicultural marketing agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, working in partnership
with Lavidge to provide multicultural advertising, interactive, public relations and marketing services.

Mark Suarez, Principal/Managing Director:

Mark believes success is measured by results. He has the ability to see the bigger picture and then drill down to the
details that make the picture clear. His goal for each client is to drive profitable business growth. With over 10 years
of experience, he has had the good fortune to grow market share for great brands such as McDonald's, Skyy Spirits,
AAA Insurance, Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill, Peter Piper Pizza and Time Warner, to name just a few.

What We Do

  • Strategy

    Multicultural Consumer Market Insights & Research
    Brand and Business Strategy // Communications Planning
    Brand Acceleration // Total Market Integration
  • Branding

    Your Identity // Brand Differentiation
    Develop Brand Purpose // Voice Activation
    Find Your Story
  • Creative

    Tell Your Story // Emotionally Connect with Consumer
    Target Strategic Work // Project Management
    Art Direction // Copywriting
  • Interactive

    Digital Strategy // Hispanic Loyalty Programs
    Digital Content // Social Media Strategy
    Mobile Apps
  • Media Services

    Planning // Buying // Strategy
    Analysis // Content Integration
  • Broadcast Production

    TV & Videos // Animation 3D & 2D
    Radio Spots // Asset Management
    Post-Production Services
  • Public Relations

    Special Events & Promotions // Media Relations
    Consumer Product Launches // Social Media Strategy
    Community Relations
  • Account Management

    Budget Management // Competitive Analysis
    Regular Client Meetings // Effective Communication
    Driving Results



This is the most critical element for any brand, campaign, product, marketing plan, media plan and/or business plan. You have to identify key strategies through tireless research. You must first understand the consumer's needs, then identify your approach from there. With the growing multicultural market this is even more important, because you have to be strategically sound and culturally relevant to earn their business.


Leading with culturally relevant insights and facts is essential to creating a dialogue with the multicultural market. We believe this market is not separate from the total market, but rather a driving force for the total market. This means we're wholeheartedly focused on knowing everything about the multicultural consumer in connection with your business.

Profitable Solutions

At Mosaic Multicultural, we believe in creating profitable business solutions for our clients. This is the key ingredient in our partnership. We believe in working diligently to determine where are the most profitable opportunities for your business. We know the multicultural market is where your profit will come from, for years to come.


We connect daily with your consumers, their friends and family, brands, culture, colleagues and technology. Our #1 challenge is and always will be connecting your brand to the growing multicultural consumer through culturally relevant dialogues. Let's connect.

Great Work

This is what we strive for every day, week, month and year. We are dedicated to our craft, dedicated to our clients, and dedicated to pushing our work to the next level. We believe great work comes from never settling or resting on a previous project, award, accolade or thank-you note. We simply get back to work on great work.


Results matter. That's why we work efficiently. We save clients money. We have a can-do attitude. We don't spend time doing things the wrong way; we find the right way to do it and get it done. Our report card is your profit—and that's smart for each of us.



2777 E. Camelback Road, Suite #300, Phoenix, AZ 85016